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While the construction of a building mainly revolves around its external features, it is the interior of a building that adds life to it. Keeping in mind the fact that people mostly interact with the internal environment of a built space, we at Chhasm Engineering & Construction Co. consciously reiterate the importance of Interior Design of any building. Our Interior Designing team is capable enough to provide unique insights in regard to the subtleties and nuances of the trade, which in turn, uplifts the dynamics of the building and people using it.


We believe that choice of proper materials, complements the personality and the style statement of the owner of a building. Our Interior Designers strive to strike the right balance between functionality and sentiment of our client, and their professional sensitivity manifests in the form of choosing the Best Themes, Colours, Patterns, Textures, etc. It may be due to a traditional preference of our client that Timber predominates as the chief material for Doors, Windows, Staircases, Floor Polishes, Furnitures and even Partitions. In some other cases, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, and Glass takes the front seat, giving the interiors a futuristic appearance.


Roofs and Floors are extremely important not only because they are integral to optimal performance of a building, but also due to their immense contribution towards adding elegance to the interiors. Choice of False Ceilings, Roof-top Tiles, Floor and Wall tiles, Varnishes and Polishes, etc., can potentially make or mar the appearance of the interiors, and also the impression it creates on the visitors. Chhasm Engineering & Construction Co. has the team of best Tilers in the region, and they have proven expertise in Marble & Granite Flooring & Polishes, Vitrified tiles, Anti-skid tiles, Wooden tile flooring, and also Double-Charged Ceramic & Vitrified tiles flooring.

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