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We are Builders and Contractors with glittering achievements and feats of successfully delivering residential, commercial and institutional building constructions to the satisfaction of our clients.The Chhasm Engineering & Construction Co. team comprises of experts and highly experienced professionals who have immaculate technical acumen covering different realms of Civil Engineering. They provide all necessary technical inputs to our highly efficient execution team, who toils at project sites to convert every project we undertake into dream projects for our clients.

Technology & Engineering:

We deliver Building Construction Projects from Foundation to Roofing, starting with providing authentic soil investigation and testing reports from licensed laboratories as part of our holistic approach to our service. Emphasis on the Latest Methodologies and Science of modern building construction, along with an eye for traditional approaches that are still good and relevant in the context of construction, is the key feature of our untiring efforts towards providing strength, stability, durability, maximum utility and good proportion and grace in every single aspect of construction.


Considerable research has been done by our in-house experts to determine optimum usage of different conventional and advanced materials for construction, particularly for projects that are critical and needs lots of customization to meet the requirements of our clients. Depending on the case, Chhasm Engineering & Construction Co. technically adept team decides to use Ready Mixed Concrete, Plain Cement Concrete (P.C.C.), Reinforced Cement Concrete (R.C.C.) including Polymer and Fiber Reinforcement for Foundations, Pillars, Plinth Beams, Wall Beams, Lintels, Roof Slab, etc. Other high-performance concrete, and in special cases, precast concrete is also applied, as and when required to add to the durability, maintenance and quality control of concrete structures.


Chhasm Engineering & Construction Co. has developed a niche by proactively adopting futuristic trends in the domains of Construction Techniques and Concrete Technology, which suits special environmental conditions and extreme climates. Thus, we keep provision for joints in structures, create cavity walls, and are able to detect and prevent causes for cracks and fissures – making buildings resistant to natural disasters like earthquake, storm, and flood, as well as wear and tear resulting from exposure for long durations to daily rigor. Our ultimate aim is to render affordable solutions that enhance longevity of a building.

Field Work:

Chhasm Engineering & Construction Co. employs sincere and skilled workforces who have practical know-how related to Structural Steel Work, Formwork, Shoring, Underpinning, Scaffolding, Roof Coverings, and Plastering of Walls. Also, we depute masons, many of whom have inherited invaluable craftsmanship from their previous generations and display their artistry when it comes to Brick and Stone Masonry, Composite Masonry, Brickwork Structures and Brick Walls. So, our clients feel relieved to be able to access the best hands at extremely reasonable rates, and interact directly with the company’s representatives who oversees on-site progress of the project

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