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Chhasm Engineering & Construction Co. is a forerunner, in and at the proximities of the city of Durgapur and many other cities of West Bengal as well, in terms of aiding the best possible Documentation procedures, with an array of appurtenances related to procuring & possessing a Free-hold or a Lease-hold Land or a House/Flat, and its other associated aspects comprehensively. Implications are led not only on documents for development and maintenance orientations at the entrepreneurial end, but also on end-users’ interests by providing a personalized & substantiated claim or data in the form of User documentations.

We at Chhasm Engineering & Construction Co. foster exhaustive solutions for construction of a building and its documentation assistance practices. We aid our clients on the following citation protocols :


Chhasm Engineering & Construction Co. has expertise in guiding our clients to register matters regarding ownership, possession or other rights in land, to be recorded with a government agency or department (Municipal Corporation and/or Land Development Authorities), in order to proclaim confirmation on title authority, facilitate transactions and inhibit illicit clearances. We predominantly exercise registration for Vacant Land, Flats, their re-registrations, along with the formalities involved in changing ownership of land & buildings.


Authorizations and certifications related to accrediting a land or a property is of vital importance to avoid further disputes arising due to certain unprecedented malpractices and forgeries. We at Chhasm Engineering & Construction Co., modestly direct our clients towards achieving satisfactory evaluation of their property credentials; be it regarding a Land Deed under common law jurisdictions or a Link Deed in a perpetual swap of ownerships, or even in the case of Mutation Certificates and Conversion Certificates required for transfer of title in the records of the B.L.& L.R.O. We also help thoroughly in acquiring relevant No Objection Certificates (NOCs) issued from A.D.D.A., D.M.C and other governing offices. Moreover, we facilitate in enhancing the process timing for the generation of receipts for Holding Tax from the Municipal Corporation; Porcha for confirmation of locality & later for Khajna receipts that are being gathered from the State. Last but not least, we render our assistances in receiving the Completion Certificate for Constructions.


We at Chhasm Engineering & Construction Co. prolifically alleviate approvals for Building Plan, intended to Construct Domestic and Commercial edifices, in order to acquire permission to build on that land, or change the use of the land or any other building along with the creation of title or ownership to that land or building. These approvals are met with the State, the local Municipal Corporation (D.M.C), Land Development Authorities (A.D.D.A.), or even from the Panchayat and Zila Parishad adhered for rural areas.


Chhasm Engineering & Construction Co. precisely favor documentations for Site investigation or Geotechnical investigation procedures to assess the physical properties of the in-situ soil and rock to design earthworks and foundations, envisioned for a Building Construction. Our Ground improvement citation technique helps in probing the natural characteristic features of a land and its sub-soil, which can be weak in strength and compressibility. Such inhibitions can be patched and the land can be reassigned for laying a strong and robust foundation. Moreover, we also assist in preparing the Land Value or Land Estimate documents supporting to decide the worth of a plot that further initiates the tax, payable by the existing owner. These estimates are decided by an appraiser or a property assessor by the means of comparable-property approach. In addition to that, we also provide an appropriate guidance from an advocate for preparing a Land Searching Report - tracing the history of a property, depicting the original owner of the property & the switches of ownerships over a period of time before reaching the present seller.


Chhasm Engineering & Construction Co. endeavors illustratively on documentation procedures for Architectural Planning, Drawing and Designing, their pertinent representations & demonstrations, solely meant for a better understanding of the concepts. We have expertise for furtherance in preparing Structural Drawing and Designing – for both Residential and Commercial Buildings, 2 Dimensional and Parametric 3 Dimensional models with photographs; depicting the inherent functional planning of a construction within the same interface. We also excel in contributing to the R.C.C. Design analytics of the concrete elements that are at par with the selected standards, & imbibe certain intuitive functions of R.C.C. Designs on planar elements that offers precision and promptitude. Our team of experts is also efficient enough in the citation of Structural Steel Configurations of a Building, their proportions and dimensions of the supporting framework, with an adherence to the efficacies needed to encounter the tribulations occurring due to natural calamities and disasters. Calibrated & schematic concepts are designed immaculately to resist the selected extrinsic loads like Dead Loads, Live Loads, Wind Load & Earthquake Loads, which are analyzed in congruency with evaluating the hydrostatic pressures & soil pressures of the land.


Chhasm Engineering & Construction Co. proactively percolates in initiating all the necessary documentation required for facilitating the process of obtaining House Building Loans from Public Sector and Private Sector Banks, as well as Non-Banking Financial Companies. We exclusively prepare citations for fund raising on a mortgage that is meant to ensure the cost of Land Development & Building Construction; and is further processed in terms of need, perpetual construction phase completions and accordance of prearranged schedules or negotiations met. Assessments for figuring & disbursing the House Building Loan amount against the nature of the mortgage property in a specific point of time is also included in our documentation services.


Basic essentials required in running livelihood in an urban lifestyle need proper resourcing and channelization of rudimentary factors like water supply, sewage drainage system, sanitation, electricity supply and other associated services. We at Chhasm Engineering & Construction Co. facilitate all such purpose oriented documentations required for a smooth, uninterrupted availability and functioning of such elementary amenities. We follow all the necessary steps abiding the delegated domestic/commercial water enforcement responsibilities that are needed for a legitimate water supply authorization. We handle paper works on behalf of our clients or applicants, and submit applications, reflecting their decision on obtaining a lower tension or high tension power supply (depending upon the load capacity to be incurred), establishing a service line, service leeway or modifications of power supply, change of ownership and alterations in domestic/commercial power supply category.

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